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      Can we talk alone The woman smiled. Hearing the word Where To Buy Keoni Cbd Gummies Liu Fengyi, how long for edible cbd to work dabbing cbd oil Jiang Fan was stunned.

      At this time, the river was covered with ice, and it was impossible to cross it.

      Huang Fu nodded. dabbing cbd oil For the next month or so, apart from digging in the mine, Jiang Fan went to the Immortal Mansion to study the alchemy techniques left by the master of the Taiji Tongtian Temple.

      At night, the lights in front of the Goddess Pavilion were brightly lit, and several gorgeous women were shouting in front of the door.

      There were many young masters sitting there. They were applauding and staring at the stage intently.

      Since you are so generous, I can t be stingy anymore. I gave you both the Ruyi Plantain Fan and the Suet Jade Cleansing Bottle A light flashed, and two magic weapons appeared on Jiang Fan s palm.

      The old man described. Oh, I see Jiang Fan nodded, and he said to the Najia earth corpse Fool, let s enter the Demon Forest Cave When he was about to enter the Molin Cave, Jiang Fan looked back at Hu Miaoke, Miaoke, wait for me to come back Jiang Fan smiled.

      This is clearly a conspiracy Jiang how powerful is anti inflammatory cbd oil Fan scolded. Fan, is it a trap that cbd for allergy Master Mao Ying, the Qing Emperor, caught it Liang Yan said.

      The golden elixir emitted a golden light, like a golden bead.

      With a wave of fluctuation, the phantom castle in the space barrier entered Jiang Fan s spell world.

      The important thing is that Just Cbd Gummies Amazon dabbing cbd oil the Shenyu Mine cannot fall into their hands.

      I guess the man in black did it Jiang Fan guessed. Why did the man in black kidnap Seven Fairies Fairy Chang e asked in surprise.

      Huang Yaoshi Chen Ming said in the alchemy dabbing cbd oil magic that as long as he practiced Shenqi Pill, he would reach the level of Baiyaoshi.

      In addition, the little one has connected to Cbd Oil Distributors Sean Connery dabbing cbd oil the world of the zombie god, and then can enter the world of the zombie god.

      You dare Nie Xiaoqing said without showing any weakness. The two dabbing cbd oil forces immediately came to a stalemate, and they were about to make a move, when suddenly a woman laughed Hehe, kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies what are you doing red shadow flashed, and a woman in red clothes and red hair appeared in front of everyone.

      It was a divine beast covered in red, with a horse mouth showing sharp fangs, red scales all over its body, two bumps under its ribs, fist sized serrated teeth all over its body, thin limbs, like dabbing cbd oil bird claws, and a short tail, only more than half a meter long.

      Well, Du Deshi is usually domineering. He must have offended someone, so his talent was killed Yang Renjie nodded.

      The speed is cbd oil uses for your face very fast, and you can escape hundreds of miles in an instant.

      Fairy Ruoshui shook her head and said, I don t know. My father never mentioned that person to me, but from my father s respectful attitude towards him, we can infer that that ancestor is probably Hongjun ancestor.

      After entering, Jiang Fan and the can you get a dui for cbd Najia earth corpse felt very cool, and all the heat disappeared immediately.

      It seems that Jiang Yaoshi is not simple Yang Renjie frowned.

      He dabbing cbd oil quickly arrived at the side of the cliff cave. As soon as the Najia earth corpse pulled out does cbd oil provideimmune support the bone spurs dabbing cbd oil and was about to attack the entrance of the cave, a scream came from the entrance dabbing cbd oil of the cave, and a silver flying winged dragon covered in silver flew out.

      You, you are talking nonsense, how can there be such a detoxification Yan Zimei blushed.

      Jiang Fan, don t talk nonsense. When did I get your Taiji Tongtian Diagram You only need to hand over the Taiji Tongtian Diagram, and I don t need to throw you into the devil world If you insist cbd gold oil uses and benefits on not handing over the Taiji Tongtian Diagram, then I will I can only throw you into the Demon Realm the man in black said sinisterly.

      You just need thornburyselfdrivehire.co.uk dabbing cbd oil to kick its butt, and it will run shark tank cbd oil reviews fast, looking like a phantom.

      When he saw Jiang Fan sitting in the living room with his legs crossed, looking leisurely, he asked in surprise, Nie Xiaoqing, what do you mean Why treat him as a distinguished guest Before Nie Xiaoqing could answer, Jiang Fan stood up and said with a smile, You are right, I am Nie Xiaoqing s distinguished guest now Xie Lihuo flicked his blue hair violently, he stared at Nie Xiaoqing with wide eyes, Nie Xiaoqing, I is cbd oil good for bone cancer m here to ask for someone, please do you have to take cbd oil everyday for pain relief leave this how long for edible cbd to work Can You Get High Off Cbd Oil person to me Xie Lihuo said carelessly.

      With a loud bang, the branches and roots of the trees were broken, and sawdust Cbd Oil Distributors Sean Connery dabbing cbd oil flew, two cracks appeared on the big tree, dabbing cbd oil and the powerful air wave razed the entire Just Cbd Gummies Amazon dabbing cbd oil palace to the ground, and all the trees in the surrounding magic forest for more than ten miles were broken Jiang Fan s move of Qinglong Nine Transformations was so powerful that the Najia corpses on the side were stunned, Uh, the master is dabbing cbd oil really great the Najia corpses exclaimed.

      It is said that there dabbing cbd oil is a very mysterious force sucking you color.

      He dabbing cbd oil dabbing cbd oil now trusts Jiang Fan very much and knows that Jiang Fan will not harm him.

      Uh, what are you doing Go away, how long for edible cbd to work Can You Get High Off Cbd Oil or I ll call the police The old man hurriedly shouted.

      Seeing Yang Yun s sincerity, Jiang Fan had no choice but to nod and said, Okay, I ll accompany you to Shenyun dabbing cbd oil City Cbd Oil Distributors Sean Connery dabbing cbd oil to have fun Hehe, that s pretty much the same Yang Yun said with a smile.

      I was the emperor, you were the grand master, and my wife was the imperial concubine Najia Tu Zhe said with a smile.

      Should be able to draw a tie. It would be great if you can practice the ninth transformation of the Qinglong Nine Transformations Jiang Fan s mind showed the trajectory of the Qinglong Ninth Transformation, and his expression changed.

      Li Hanya thought for a moment, Oh, I what cbd oil for autistic children remembered, we went to the wrong room in the hotel and bumped into a man and a woman having an affair in the room.

      Jiang Fan could tell at a glance that this guy was like a gangster, but he didn t expect such a gangster to exist in the God Realm, so he responded, I am the boss of the Shendan Pavilion, what advice do you have The man looked up at Jiang Fan, with his hands on his dabbing cbd oil hips, showing an arrogant look, Boy, do you know who I am the man said proudly.

      Stupid Jiang Fan exclaimed. He scrambled to his feet, Hehe, the master is fine, why does this artifact have golden electricity Najia Tu Zhe said with a smirk.

      Zhu Shi s face immediately swelled up, You, who are you I m Mo Tianxiemei s brother in law How dare you bully me Zhu Shi was shocked.

      Jiang Fan felt bad this time. He was really careless this time.

      Jiang Fan looked at the crowd and said, Let s go to the backyard.

      Jiang Fan and Yang Yun arrived at Du s Mansion in Qingyan dabbing cbd oil dabbing cbd oil Town.

      Master, we have a follower Najia Tu Zhe proudly said. Jiang Fan shook his head and said, What are you doing with so many demons You can t take them to the fairy world Master, these are our temporary servants in the Demon Realm, we can let them dabbing cbd oil do things for us.

      With the warm masculinity shining on his body, Jiang Fan couldn t help saying happily Oh, it still feels good in the fairy world Basically, the demon world is gloomy and very depressing.

      Master, this is the Qing Emperor s Mansion, how do we get in Najia Tu Zhe whispered.

      At noon, the pills in the Shendan Pavilion were out of stock, and there were only a small amount of pills left.

      Jiang Fan smiled, Xiao Fu, Lan Batian s sword skills are good, you should practice hard, and you will be able to show your power when the gods and demons fight Jiang dabbing cbd oil Fan patted Huang Fu on the shoulder and said.

      Yes, they are crawling very fast, they can almost catch up with the flying speed The Heavenly Emperor nodded.

      This time the Flying Wing Silver Dragon King was shocked, and it dabbing cbd oil began to be afraid, Hehe, you won t suffer if you follow me, I will take you to another world, and you will become an enviable fairy beast Jiang Fan took the opportunity to confuse road.

      About five minutes later, Emperor Qing went out of the latrine clutching his stomach.

      Jiang Fan nodded and said Well, the man in black must not reveal his identity, but what purpose does he use my identity to achieve What is his purpose of hijacking Seven Fairies It seems that the man in black will contact dabbing cbd oil the Jade Emperor on his own initiative.

      At the same time, Jiang Fan dodged the attack of the green light and green fireball, and the ground was immediately dusted.

      Master, what do you see on the ground Najia Tu Zombie asked in surprise.

      Okay, let s stop talking about this, hurry up and occupy Xie Lihuo s territory Nie Xiaoqing hurriedly changed the subject.

      The knife in his dabbing cbd oil hand is a dabbing cbd oil knife he bought at a high price in the market.

      If the Demon Realm people find out about it, they will definitely laugh at our immortal people for being too incompetent So I decided Go to the Demon Cbd Pill Dosage how long for edible cbd to work Realm I can i sell cbd oil in alabama m going to meet the phantom clone of the God Wing how long for edible cbd to work Can You Get High Off Cbd Oil Clan Jiang Fan said firmly.

      Immediately afterwards, the poisonous bee beasts on the ground flew up again, and continued to outflank how much cbd oil should i take for psoriasis Jiang Fan, making a buzzing sound.

      Master, I ve already found out clearly. A man named Yang Yun came during Cbd Oil Distributors Sean Connery dabbing cbd oil the day yesterday.

      Jiang dabbing cbd oil Fan hurried back to the secret room, and looked at Qinglong Zhenjun lying on the ground, who was already dying.

      Oh, it s really novel Jiang Fan said in surprise. Just as Jiang Fan was talking to Fairy Miaomiao, after Wu Tianji s mouth and belly sword flew out, it suddenly turned into three small silver swords.

      Everyone waited in the backyard. Two hours later, when it was getting dark, Jiang Fan immediately opened the backyard door, and everyone quietly boarded the Cbd Oil Distributors Sean Connery dabbing cbd oil grass mud charm car that had been prepared, and galloped towards the outside of Shenyun City.

      Jiang Fan smiled and said, Little San, don t worry, I am how long for edible cbd to work sure to defeat him Jiang Fan disappeared instantly after speaking.

      She was wearing a red dress, her dabbing cbd oil body was tightly wrapped, showing a plump figure.

      After he drew a few weird arcs, he turned his hands outward, God and Demon Eater how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking The white light turned into nine white skulls, howling and rushing towards Jiang Fan, the air was filled with weird.

      Zidi is the emperor Ziwei in the middle of the Arctic. He is the dabbing cbd oil emperor with the lowest realm among the four heavenly emperors in the fairy world.

      Fan, don t worry about me, don t listen to him If you jump off the six realms of reincarnation, you will never be able to get out again Liang Just Cbd Gummies Amazon dabbing cbd oil Yan shook her head.

      The two walked to the gate of the Qing Emperor s Mansion twisting their butts.

      Jiang Fan, you are indeed a smart person. Yes, Ruoshui is the mole I planted beside you.

      Hehe, tell me what happened first, dabbing cbd oil and I will not only help you vent your anger, but also help you take back the Shenyu Mine Jiang Fan laughed.

      Well, you can enter my world of spells Jiang Fan waved his hand, and all the ecstasy heart eaters on the ground entered the world of spells.

      Nezha, Yang Jian, Huang Fu and others also waved their weapons, and those rockets were bounced back.

      What s impossible, don t you know that I went to the world of cultivating immortals Jiang Fan said seriously.

      Hmph, I can you buy cbd oil in nj may 2023 just want you to try the forth cbd roll on ninth transformation of my newly practiced Azure Dragon Nine Transformations Jiang Fan sneered.

      Master, although the trees here are not iron trees, they are dabbing cbd oil harder than iron trees Ordinary swords can t damage these dabbing cbd oil trees.

      Seeing Jiang Fan s aggrieved face, Yan Zimei asked suspiciously, You really have a special technique Jiang Fan was secretly happy, differences between cbd oil and hemp oil the girl began to waver, and wanted to strike while the iron was hot, nodded and said Of course it is true, if you don t believe me, go ask Miss Yang, her treatment method is the same as yours.

      Xie Lihuo was shocked and said, Boy, what self defense weapon are you carrying google cbd oil at bed bath and beyond This guy is also very cunning, he guessed is cbd oil safe for kidney transplant patients that Jiang Fan must have a self defense magic weapon.

      Jiang Fan felt that this woman was very familiar at first glance, as if he had met him from time to time.

      This hall is very wide and square, about a thousand meters wide.

      Damn, this Niu Fen is really a rich man Jiang Fan exclaimed. Yes, Niu Fen is one of the richest people in how long for edible cbd to work Can You Get High Off Cbd Oil the devil world.

      A crystal pillar lights up. Uh, what s going on here Why are the nine crystal pillars lit up Are they dabbing cbd oil going to launch an attack Jiang Fan immediately stood in front of Seven Fairies.

      He is the son of Yang Renjie from the Shenma tribe. Jiang Fan used to work as a pharmacist in the Yang Mansion.

      You are not my woman, so I can t teach you Jiang Fan joked. Song Fangfang hesitated for a moment, she bit her lip, almost made up her mind, Okay, I ll be your woman, you can teach me spells Song Fangfang shyly said.

      I dabbing cbd oil think we should go on September 9 Jiang Cbd Pill Dosage how long for edible cbd to work Fan said with a smile.

      The girl glanced at Jiang Fan, Since you saved us, we will stay and help you find Princess Mayana the girl said.

      Hehe, don t be sad, your master and I are fine By the way, did the Southern Emperor and the man in black come later Jiang Fan patted Fairy Jade Rabbit on the shoulder.

      At the same time, the avatar of the Invincible Divine Fire was also dispatched, and he threw it out with the Fantian Seal in his hand.

      Stupid, let it go Jiang Fan waved. The Najia earth corpse let go of its feet, and the monster immediately crawled to Jiang Fan s feet, whining.

      Master, I already feel the inheritance temple, it is in the cave of the flying winged silver dragons To enter the inheritance temple, we must subdue these flying winged silver dragons, but how do we subdue those flying winged silver dragons Najia earth corpse said.

      Hehe, old Jade Emperor, is my old grandson so bad I lost Wantong City, and I still have the face to come back to Yunxiao Palace to meet everyone Sun Wukong said disdainfully.

      At night, Jiang Fan entered the Immortal Mansion. At this time, all the women in the Immortal Mansion were practicing on the lotus platform in the practice room.

      It seems that he is the one who colluded with Motian He is the enemy of my Azure Dragon Clan Jiang Fan nodded.

      It seems that Xiefeng is much more powerful than Xiemei. Jiang Fan didn t wait for the shocked Xiefeng to make a move.

      hemp cbd oil benefits

      Reporting to Lord Motian, this news is absolutely reliable. Under the leadership of Jiang Fan, the immortals from the fairy world came to our demon world.

      Oh, even the Tathagata Buddha s Tathagata God s Palm can t break this ecstasy flag, this ecstasy flag is too powerful Sun Wukong exclaimed.

      Yanyan, have you found out who the owner of this villa is Jiang Fan asked.

      The method was extremely cruel, so she was sentenced to death and will be executed in ten days Li Hanyan s face was very ugly.

      I couldn t go back later, I ve been here forever Live. The mole cricket said helplessly.

      The gray liquid creaked in the air, and the air gave off a foul smell.

      Just as Jiang Fan was about to make a move, a voice came from behind Jiang Fan, leave the evil spirits to the old monk A figure flashed, and the old monk Ran Deng stood in front of Jiang Fan.

      cbd oil and urine drug screen

      Taoist Xuesha s face was distorted and deformed, and his eyes showed a fierce look, Jiang Fan, I will fight with you Xuesha Shura Taoist Xuesha pulled out a dagger, and he inserted it into his chest fiercely, following Pull out the dagger, and the blood spurts out immediately.

      These fully explain, that The spies are by our side. Weng Xiaowei analyzed.

      Okay, master. The multi eyed monster relaxed its whole body and lay there quietly according to Jiang Fan s request.

      Jiang Fan was furious immediately, Damn it, Sheng Lingyun, you are too evil, you think I can t do anything about you, right You re wrong Jiang Fan shouted angrily.

      The old monk who burned the lamp was not in a hurry. He stood there, and the lamp he was holding in his hand suddenly turned on.

      A golden light flashed, and Jiang Feifan s mind Winged Cbd Gummies appeared the mantras of incantations to cultivate immortals, as well as the vajra body protection spell.

      Endless River, Endless River, I seem to have seen it in some classics, but I just can t remember it The Emperor of Heaven frowned.

      When Jiang Fan returned to the Castle of Mirage, Princess Mayana saw that Jiang Fan s face was not right, Fan, how is it Is the green app cbd gummies soldier okay after going out Princess Mayana dabbing cbd oil asked.

      The valley has become a rift, and thornburyselfdrivehire.co.uk dabbing cbd oil the mountains on both sides are broken.

      With a bang, the guard was sent flying, and the other guards immediately exclaimed, Bold, you actually came to the Niu Mansion to make trouble, you don t want to live I think you don t want to live anymore A five pointed soul devouring gun appeared in the hands of the Najia earth corpse.

      Hehe, little Viagra, I have the Five Elements Mysterious Transformation Armor, so I m not afraid of Cbd Oil Distributors Sean Connery dabbing cbd oil freezing at all Najia Earth Corpse laughed.

      The hall was filled with all kinds of food. The old man stood above the hall, dabbing cbd oil Do Cbd Gummies Help With Anxiety and Hu Miaoke, who was wearing a veil, stood beside him, Everyone, today is the day when the little girl gets married.

      Han Ya, did dabbing cbd oil Do Cbd Gummies Help With Anxiety you encounter any strange things while traveling in Southeast Province Jiang Fan said.

      Jiang Fan nodded and dabbing cbd oil said Okay, as long as we get the Shenyu Mine, we guarantee that the above mentioned things will not happen.

      Jiang Fan and others entered the control room, which was a bit like a computer control room, with several five pointed stars inside, and a bed with a skeleton on it.

      Well, you will ignore her later Let s go to the house to study life dabbing cbd oil Jiang Fan pulled Liu Jingtian and walked into the house.

      With a bang, the space blade hit the space barrier, and Yang Yun immediately shouted The arrow of time A beam of white light turned into an arrow and went straight to Du Qiyan s eyebrows.

      This is a low grade artifact. I didn t expect this guy to have a low grade artifact.

      He remembered that the requirement for opening the sixth Qiankun Cave was to reach the late stage of the Tianfu state.

      The old man immediately laughed loudly, you still want to Cbd Pill Dosage how long for edible cbd to work fight with me with your little ability He came in front of the woman, Yinping, get up The old man smiled.

      Yes, Miss Fan, how long for edible cbd to work Can You Get High Off Cbd Oil give it a try. Jiang Fan smiled. dabbing cbd oil Fan Bingxin picked up the harmonica and played it. The harmonica made a sound.

      Oh, then I ll come and have a look Jiang Fan immediately turned and returned.

      Song Fangfang looked at Jiang Fan in surprise, and asked curiously, How did you do this Hehe, this is the great teleportation spell cbd oil safe for recreational use Jiang Fan laughed.

      Uh, forget it, let s wait in the yard, it will be dark soon. Jiang Fan shook his head.

      Then thornburyselfdrivehire.co.uk dabbing cbd oil he stood up, Oh, I finally reached the late stage of the Tianfu realm The ninth transformation of Qinglong Nine Transformations should be able to be used Jiang Fan said happily.

      The first seven levels are just for dabbing cbd oil you to warm up. dabbing cbd oil The greatest power dabbing cbd oil of the magic evil array is in the eighth and ninth levels.

      Hehe, actually, I didn t die at all. You, what Cbd Pill Dosage how long for edible cbd to work you all saw was my body.

      Master, this guy has a good name Cow dung, those flowers what store sells cbd gummies are stuck on the cow dung The Najia earth corpse laughed.

      My old grandson loves to move. It s so annoying to sit there all day When the time comes, Brother Jiang Fan will tell the Buddha, and the Buddha will definitely save face.

      It is estimated that Wanyao King knew that he could not I escaped, so I m too lazy to move.

      Hush Jiang Fan made a net gesture and whispered dabbing cbd oil Wenjuan, keep your voice low, don t let other people hear it, this is an extraordinary period, don t let too many people know about Ling Jun Fan, if you say that, I m even more worried.

      Uh, Jiang Fan, how can you be sure that there is danger in this endless river The Emperor of Heaven was surprised, but he didn t see any danger in the endless river.

      She was also very curious. This was the first time she saw this man, and his hands were so generous.

      The girl s mother seemed to have found a life saving straw, and immediately took cbd oil des moines ia Jiang Fan s Cbd Oil Distributors Sean Connery dabbing cbd oil arm and dabbing cbd oil said, Sir, you said my daughter is still alive, please save my daughter Sister, don t worry, I will save your daughter Jiang Fan nodded.

      Three days later, the Immortal Realm held the grandest banquet in the Yaochi Palace, and this dabbing cbd oil banquet was the most joyful banquet in the Immortal Realm.

      Be fooled by the man in black and the Southern Emperor Jiang Fan smiled and said, Forget it, it s all over.

      With a crescent shaped weapon in Cbd Pill Dosage how long for edible cbd to work her hand, she sternly said, Thunderbolt attack The crescent shaped weapon glowed with silver light, click With a bang, a bolt of lightning struck.

      Yuejing, what s going on So Mo Yuejing told what happened, Mo Tian Xie Mei was shocked and said Who dabbing cbd oil did this In the devil world, who is so bold as to dare to touch my evil wind Xiefeng, I heard that the City Lord s Mansion in Moxi City and Wula City was also destroyed dabbing cbd oil This must have been done by a group of people Bone Girl said.

      Jiang Fan was shocked immediately, No way, Xie Fengyou, how did you know about this Jiang Fan was dabbing cbd oil shocked.

      There was a hissing sound inside his body, and Jiang Fan felt his body was Cbd Pill Dosage how long for edible cbd to work going to burst.

      cyan mist rises, and a cyan vortex appears in front of Qingdi.

      I didn t expect to meet it in the endless sky The Heavenly Emperor exclaimed.

      Oh, this time, Du Deshi and Niu Pigu must be in trouble You can take care of that Du Qiyan Jiang Fan smiled.

      Jiang Fan sat on the Qingbiao dabbing cbd oil Do Cbd Gummies Help With Anxiety beast s back, feeling very heavy.

      Hmph, dabbing cbd oil even a small servant dares to come and get the box, so ask your master to come and accept the test, and only after passing the test can you get the box in the old man s hand the statue snorted coldly.

      Jiang Fan waved his hand. The maid Xiaoqiu immediately left the guest room, she closed the door and guarded the door.

      The Shenyu mine that I discovered through hard work is actually shared with you.

      That potted flower is poisonous The pimple on your face was caused by that potted flower.

      I think Linghu Yunxiao also participated in cbd gummie warning label the sneak attack on your Shenlong clan back then.

      Jiang Fan, you are the person my grandson admires the most You are also the most courageous person in the dabbing cbd oil fairy world My grandson has completely convinced you Sun Wukong buddha cbd teas said excitedly.

      Stupid, stop dabbing cbd oil talking nonsense best cbd cream for pain reviews 2023 with him, just beat him Jiang Fan waved.

      First a stone house is revealed, then a house, and then the surroundings of that house.

      Jiang Fan didn t know that the unique technique in the Taixu Jue he learned was dabbing cbd oil a long lost secret technique, he thought it was a very common concealment technique Father, now Yaoshi Jiang has left, what should we cbd oil for colon do Yang Yun said.

      The women were also unambiguous. They each cast their spells to attack the monsters.

      He was shocked and hurriedly brought people over. thornburyselfdrivehire.co.uk dabbing cbd oil Jiang Fan glanced coldly at Demon King Alex, Who are you from the Demon Realm Jiang Fan said coldly.

      Uh, master, the silver haired ape monkey just now is the worst monster.

      Seeing the octagonal hat, the Najia earth corpse sneered, Just take out this shit The five pointed soul devouring gun in his hand went up, and the tip of the gun pierced the octagonal hat.

      Jiang Fan said. Oh, you are Huang Yaoshi Chen Ming s disciple Huang Yaoshi Chen Ming has been missing for many years, and he never expected to accept a disciple Is he alright Mine Owner Yang asked with a smile.

      Liu Jingtian and Fan Bingxin were sitting in the lobby of the Shendan Pavilion, Brother Jiang, you are back Holding Jiang Fan s arm.

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